Sunday, March 15, 2009


Schedule sent through investigators

This is the most widely used method for collection of statistical data. Investigators are trained to collect the information required for an enquiry through schedules. The trained investigators meet the people concerned and fill up the schedules with the information supplied by them. This method is popular and is also effective. The success of the method depends on tactics and resourcefulness of. the investigators. Population census is conducted by this method.

Techniques to be followed by field investigators

The success of information collected through schedule mainly depends on the facts followed by the investigators for extracting information regarding the schedule. The following are some of the facts to be noted by investigators.

(a)       An investigator should be polite and tactful. He should remember that people generally possess an aversion for answering the questions in the schedule.

(b)       The investigator should have a complete knowledge of the questionnaire and should explain the scope and object of the survey to the individuals before getting the questionnaire answered.

(c)       The time of meeting the individuals should be carefully decided. The time most convenient to the individuals should be chosen.

(d)       Questions concerning personal or controversial matters should be handled with care.

(e)       The investigators should use their intelligence in recording the answers given by informants in a vague form.

(f)        Investigators should check some of the questions answered by asking those questions in a different form.

(g)       Above all, sincerity, honesty, diplomacy, capacity of understanding the information given by informants of the investigators cannot be ignored.

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