Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Rashid Rauf,said to be behind the 2006 trans-atlantic plane bombing plot,was among five AL-QAEDA militants
killed in a U.S missile attack in Pakistan's North West on Saturday


A 6.8 magnittude earth struck Indonesia's sumatra island late on Saturday.The U.S Geological
Survey said there was nothing to worry.No one was injured in the place .


Atleast three people were injured in a series of three blasts in Lahore on Saturday Night.The blasts took place
outside the alhamara Arts council complex,where a perfoming arts festival is underway.A large contingent
of Indians is participanting in the 10 day festival known as the World festival of the perfoming Arts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Computers and communications combine to give information Technology,by which the use of information becomes far more efficient.As we had mentioned earlier,this more efficient use of information can affect society and management.In fact,this will have an effect on all aspects of life.IT is one of the most pervasive technologies,and hence,has effects on practically everything we do.One may argue that in a third world country such as India."How can people living in rural areas possibly be affected by computers".But we can consider the following the points:

1.Computers predict weather and communicate it to rural areas,besides suggesting best crop cycles,fertilizers,and other numerous matters.
2.All rural planning is carried out on computers such as water supply,roads,buildings,agricultural pattern and so on.These works are carried out in cities but the effects are on rural areas.
3.Most transport facilities to rural areas are also computerised just like the railway reservations systems that we are familiar with.
4.All communications systems,which are essential for rural development,are heavily dependant on information technology like Radio,Television,Telephone and so on.Therefore it is essential that we are at least conscious of the pervasive effects of Information Technology.  

Now,let us consider the effects of IT on something closer to our hearts such as education.Computers have made direct impact on our lives and in the field of education in the form of systems that are actually involved with the teaching process such as Computer Assisted Instruction(CAI),Computer Assisted Learning(CAL),Computer Based training(CBT),and Computer Managed Instruction(CMI).

Educationist,Allan Ellis once stated,"Using Computers in education is not learning about computers but is learning about education".So the very use of computers enforced some rethinking on education.


A PC is incapable of performing any task with the hardware alone.It requires instructions to function as desired.Liked data,instructions are also entered via the input devices like Keyboard,mouse,and joystick.

Application Software

We spoke of computer applications and identified certain areas where computers are being used today.Software specially suited for specific applications is now available in the market .Such software is called application software since it is designed for a specific application.Application software that takes care of variety of business and corporates need can now be bought off the shelf.These are also called standard software packages.They are reasonably priced and can run on any standard PC.Two popular standard software packages are Financial Accounting and Inventory Control packages.In case a user is not satisfied with the available packages,because it does not meet all the requirements,the package can be modified.However,if the package cannot be modified,the user can opt for a customized software package.A customized package is developed for a user's specific needs and may not be relevant to any other user.

Though these packages are for very specific applications,there are general application software like database management systems,spread sheets and word processors.Using DBMS software,a user can maintain large volumes of data that can be modified,updated and queried.A spread sheet package allows a user to enter a numeric data,specify formulae and perform calculations.Graphs can also be generated from the data.The special feature of automatic recalculation allows changes made in any one item to reflect in all items dependant upon the first one.

A word processing package converts a PC into a sophisticated typewriting machine.It has the facility to perform spell checks,provide for synonyms and allow changes or corrections in the document without having to re-type the entire document.


The Personal Computer(PC) is although the most popular computer system although the most popular computer system,there are other computer systems too,which are categorized on the basis of size,cost and Performance.Before we describe some of these computer systems,it is essential to understand the term system.A system is a group of integrated  parts that have a common purpose of achieving an objective.Following are the various  categories of computers.

Personal Computer or Microcomputers
The microcomputer is also known as PC.The most popular form of the computer in use today is probably the PC.The PC can be used for various applications and,in fact,there size but capable of handling large tasks.It can perform a diverse range of functions,from keeping track of household accounts to keeping records of the stores of a large manufacturing company.The most widespread example is the IBM PC,Hewlett Packard and DELL,based on microprocessors from intel corporation,PS/2 and Apple's Macintosh.

A popular computer system is in the minicomputer,which is a small,general-purpose computer.It can vary in size from a small desktop model to the size of a small filing cabinet.A typical mini system is more expensive than a PC and surpasses it in storage capacity and speed.

At the end of the size and capability scale are the supercomputers.These systems are the largest,fastest and the most expensive computers in the world.They are used for Bio-medical research,weather forecasting,chemical analysis in laboratory,complex scientific,and defence applications.BlueGene/l System is now the world's fastest supercomputer.It is a joint development of IBM and DOE's national Nuclear Security Administration and installed at DOE's Lawrence National Laboratory in Liver more.


International Business refers to business activities that takes place across national frontiers.Though many people use the terms international business and international trade synonymously,the former is a much broader term.International business involves not only trade in goods and services,but also other operations such as production and marketing of goods and services in foreign countries.The reason behind this is that nations cannot efficiently produce all that they require.Due to differences in resource endowments and labour productivity,countries find it much more advantageous to produce goods and services in which they have cost advantage and trade the surplus in such goods and services which others can produce more efficiently.

International vs Domestic business: Conducting and managing the international business operations is more complex than undertaking domestic business.Differences in the nationality of parties involved,relatively less mobility of factors of production,customer heterogeneity across markets,variations in business practises and political systems,varied business regulations and policies,use of different currencies are the key aspects that differentiate international businesses from domestic business.These,moreover,are the factors that make international business much more complex and a difficult activity.

India's involvement in world business: Since time immemorial,India has been trading with foreign countries.Over the years,India's trade has registered spectacular growth.Currently foreign accounts for about 24 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product.United States of America,United Kingdom,Belgium,Germany,Japan,Switzerland,Hong Kong,United Arab Emirates,China,Singapore and Malaysia are the major trading partners.These eleven countries together accounted for about forty eight percent of India's total trade.


The Population and economic development are closely related,as the latter depends on the former .Abnormal size and increase in population lead to the problem of food scarcity and equitable supply of food to the millions.It reduces the growth of the national income and the per capita income retarding the economic growth of the nation.Rising population leads to various types of Unemployment problems and the burden of unproductive consumers has to be borne in the economy.The problem of increasing births demands higher expenditures by the Government for medical care,education, housing,clothing,etc.All these factors urge the necessity of reducing the birth rate in India.A large population by itself may not be a big issue for the country to tackle,provided the number is maintained at the same level for a fairly large period of time.But the problem is worsened by the rate at which the population increases every year an alarming increase of 10 million every year.In India,a baby is born every 1.5 seconds,causing a baby boom and demanding an extra supply of 12.80 million quintals of food every year,25 lakhs of houses,200 million metres of cloth 1.2 lakh schools and 3 lakhs of teachers.Hence the population of India represents the following the problems :

1.The population in our country is very large;
2.The rate of increase of population is very high;
3.Even the existing population could not maintain a decent minimum standard of living.
4.Efforts of planning and developments are completely nullified by the increasing population.
5.To control the increasing number and cater to the needs of the existing people.


India was the earliest victim of multinationals and had the worst experience of them.A large number of dominant foreign corporation operate in India.They operate in diverse fields like tobacco,pharmaceuticals,toiletries,beverages,petrochemicals and manufacturing industries.Since the advanced countries had developed technology,the import of foreign capital and technology became essential for India to attain the take-off stage.However,multinationals do not appear to have been strong enough to exercise a dominant influence on Indian politics.

According to the Company Law Board,there were 740 foreign undertakings in 1972-73 with assets worth Rs.535 crores.All these operating in India could not be termed as MNC's,because many of them were small trading companies.The United Kingdom based companies had 460 undertakings,the U.S based had 116,the rest were Swiss,Japanese,West Germany and Swedish Companies.The number of foreign affiliates gradually declined with the Indianisation of some of these organisations.

The highest concentration of foreign units in India is in the manufacturing sector.The major part of foreign investment is in basic industrial chemicals,electrical goods,transport equipment,aluminium,pharmaceuticals and rubber goods.For a long time in India,the petroleum industry was completely under foreign control.However,those companies viz,Burmah-Shell,Esso,Caltex were taken over and their domination was broken.But foreign domination is still found in cosmetics,pharmaceuticals,rubber goods,paints,cigarettes,food-stuffs and some sectors of engineering goods.


India is a big country.Our people are of different colors,religion,languages,castes and ways of life.But there is always unity in diversity.We fought unitedly against the British rule under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.Our spirit of unity got us independance.The  same spirit of "All are Indians" is needed for the continuous growth and welfare of the nation.Only when there is peace,we can develop into a great nation.So national integration is needed for ever.

But now and then some forces of disintegration show out their ugly faces.Sometimes people are killed due to rivalry between members of different religion.India is a secular country.Here people are free to follow any religion.But some politicians try to exploit people in the name of religion.At times tension is also created in various parts of the country due to caste,community and language rivalries.Some people have also raised their voice demanding separate nations for Sikhs and Kashmiris.Because of these conflicts,valuable human life and national properties are lost.We can not settle our disputes and problems by killing innocent people.So we should be cautious about these seeds of disintegration.We should try to sort out our differences through democratic means.

All religions preach love and universal brother hood .We should do good to all people around us irrespective of our differences.When we begin to see the differences between the people,the peace of the nation is disturbed.Terrorism has no religion.They are a separate group of people intended to target a peaceful nation.India has seen as a soft target in this area.As a result,development of a country takes the back seat.The developed countries like America,Germany and Japan have proved this point to this world.

The strength of Indian culture les in our unity in diversity.Our people have stood as a nation during our conflicts with China and Pakistan.The recent Mumbai terror blast tells us the importance of unity.So let us live as a nation.      

Monday, July 21, 2008


J.K.Rowling,the creator of the famous boy wizard is now ready with the The Tales Of Beddle The Bard.It is

a prequel to the series.It is said top be released worldwide on December 4.


In a gruesome incident,three persons,including a septuagenarian couple were stabbed to death at their residence in Ashok Nagar here on thursday.Police said S.Saravanan(74),former Chairman and director of TAMIN,his wife S.Kasthuri,retired Secretary Department of Home,and a domestic k.Inbarasi(17),were found dead with multiple stab injuries on the second floor of a house on Dr.Natesan Salai.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


CITIGROUP Chairman Sandy Weil has officailly announced the Pink slip to 50,000 staffs and the managment
group due to its unpaying debts.CITIGROUP will chuck 50000 employees all over the world.In India they
may retrench about 5000-7000 employees.HSBC has asked their employees to take an unpaid leave for a 
year or so and then they would employ them again.Pepsico has made the lay-offs to around 1,200 employees.


The Srilankan Navy on Tuesday claimed its e-lite Special Boat Squadron destroyed two LTTE boats and killed
six of its cadres in a predawn battle off Nayaru.The LTTE suffered severe damages during the confrontations 
in Andakulam general area.Intercepting LTTE radio communications it is conformed that many LTTE cadre
were killed.In subsequent search operations conducted in that area ,troops found Military items left behind
by the fleeing terrorists.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Sweden's jonas bjorkman bowed out of professional tennis on friday after a glittering 17-year career that earned him nine grand slam doubles titles.
Bjorkman,36 was treated to a special ceremony at Qi Zhong stadium after he and partner Kevin ullyett were knocked out of the Tennis masters.


World cricketer of the year shivanaraine chenderpaul says players are increasingly eyeing the huge pay packets offered by Twenty20 cricket but believes the Test format will remain the games goldd standard.


The much anticipated Rab ne bana di jodi is here but the music doesnt match the hype created around the film and the return of Aditya Chopra on the director's chair.No its not bad but largely situational.Salim-Sulaiman impressed with Roadside romeo and Fashion and here they have tried to showcase a different genre of music.It has five songs and all the five songs are of same genre.I would give 2.5/5 for this music.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Deep sea treasure hunters have located two potentially valuable wrecks lying off the west coast of Ireland,opening the way for a legal battle over who owns treasure deposited on the sea bed in international waters.Shipwreck company Odyssey Marine has filed claims on two wrecks sites found after seabed in an around the english channel with what is said an advanced new research equipment.
The sites lie under between 400 and 600 metres of water about 100 miles to the west Dingle,Co kerry.The florida based company said the sites ,which are 37 miles apart,appeared to contain the remains of steel hulled vessels.


Inheriting an economy in peril,US President-elect Barack Obama has assembled his economic team and called on Congress to pass an economic recovery  programme.He warned that the road to economic recovery will not be easy,at his first press-conference as president elect after a meeting with some of the country's top economic experts.He pledged that he would act to help those devastated by lost jobs,disaapearing savings and homes seized in foreclosure.But the man who promised 'CHANGE' in his campaign speeches cautioned against hopes of quick solutions.


Ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan believes that the U.S President elect Barack Obama would make a good 007 spy.Talking at the second annual Jane Goodall  Institute leadership awards celebration in washington D.C.Brosnan said that Obama would make an even better president .He's cool enough.He's definitely got the walk the talk.


Guess who's having the last laugh,fellas?Celina jaitley.And Aishwarya rai is cringing.Well not that the dimpled celina has any meaningful roles to her her credit so far.She is the best remembered for her violin toting,bikini attired role in Feroz Khan's "Janasheen".The girl actually has grey matter.When the makers of "Pink Panther " offered her two piece role,she conferred with the advisors and passed it out.Now the flick is out and Ash is nowhere to be seen in it.She is nowhere in the promos.


priyanka chopra has pulled her act together,big time.She has poured herself into the skimpy one piece swim suit in Karan Johar's "DOSTANA" looks the part of the desi supermodel in Madhur Bandarkar's "FASHION" and has easily put behind her disasters like "God tussi great ho" and the unwelcomed drone of "Drona".Buzz is that the shapely actress is priortising her next big flick with beau Harman Baweja.The bigger buzz is that this time around ,she has consulted her tarot reader,the family astrologer and broken enough coconuts to try and ensure that this one doesnt turn out like a box office turnkey a la "Love story 2050".

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A British woman is to divorce her husband after discovering that he was having a virtual affair within the online game 'second life'.Amy taylor,28 met david pollard within the game in may 2003,and six months later,she moved into his home in cornwall.The couple married in july 2005.

After a rare break from the computer,Ms taylor returned to find her 40 year old husband in an intimat, albeit virtual position with an online woman of vice within 'Second life',which she said was the ultimate betrayal".